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Hand Drawn, Personalised Greeting Cards.

cards 2

Hand Drawn, Numbered, Personalised, Signed Original Greeting Cards complete with envelopes. only £2.49 each.

(Card and envelope supplied in a sealed cellophane protective sleeve.)




147mm square. 300gsm Card.  Blank inside.   Pen and Oil Pastel / Charcoal.

Free Local Delivery (Cobham, Surrey). (PS.  They'll be worth a fortune one day!)

under the flight path 51st birthday card 5 card 4 card 6

Every One

is a

Hand Drawn



About the Artist.

1944 Royal Kent School, Oxshott

1950 St Andrew's School, Cobham

1952 Kingston Junior Technical School

1955 Engineering Apprenticeship

1960 - 2004 Engineering Design and Draughting

Interests. Private Pilot's Licence (1967)

RYA Yacht Day Skipper (2003)

Designer of

'The Oxshott Village Sign' (2019)

Dreaming, Creating, Walking and Working.   And Jiving occasionally!

easter bunny 1016 1018 1019

Good Luck Rosie.

1023 1024 1026 1032 1033 1038 1036 1035 1029 1039

Happy Birthday

Who says

you can't

be in two

places at once?

1021 1041 1043 1012 1013 1037 1044 1045