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Thursday 17th November 2022

(Weather - Light rain and a moderate breeze.)


Writing a blog that nobody reads

At times, can be highly frustrating

But old bloggers like me need to dream constantly 

As creating beats dating or mating

Friday 18th November 2022


(Weather – Wisley Lake 990mb rising.)

And if you are wondering who the couple above are they are a free image supplied by for old bloggers who like to dream about their youth.  This is another one of Gloria with some cool dude on holiday in South Wales - a couple of 17-year-olds back in 1956. It was the year of smog, snow, Elvis hit the charts, no mobile phones, no Internet, no central heating, motorbikes with kickstarts and petrol was 4 gallons for £1 (or 5p a litre!).


Monday 21st November 2022


(Weather - Raining leaves.)

Dreaming again!

Wednesday 23rd November 2022

(Weather - Brighter later - about April!)

Today, dear reader, judging by the reaction I've had from Universities, Government Departments, Research Establishments, Port and River Authorities, Potential Investors and Industry around the globe I have decided that my proposal for generating energy from the tidal stream is 'game changing' but don't tell anyone. 


Friday 25th November 2022

(Weather - Ridge of low pressure later.)

A month today it'll be Christmas Day

I wish I'd something profound to say

But I don't, so 'Meet the Team', OK

Just might be famous one day?

Saturday 26th November 2022

(Weather - Trough of high pressure later.)

And if the team look past it

And don’t respond when poked

It’s probably sheer exhaustion

Or maybe only soaked!

Bob at 83.jpg

Sunday 27th November 2022

(Weather - Light rain showers and a gentle breeze.)

Apologies for the last couple of blogs, I was going to delete them but decided to leave them for posterity in case I need to check back what I was thinking about and what I looked like when I'm very old!  Also, I did plan for this blog not to be introspective, but it looks like it's going that way - sorry.  I'm also sorry that the planet seems to be heading for disaster but that can be easily stopped if you click HERE.  You might think it's a bit complicated and it won't work but all you need to think about is a 6-foot diameter cog wheel turning at the same speed as the second hand on your watch which can't be stopped.  Just think of the number of shavers, mobile phones, laptops and toothbrushes you could power, not to mention cars, trains, boats, busses, kettles and cookers.  Seriously though, in order to get the generators started all you need is belief and perseverance.  I'm pretty sure there are plenty of 8-year old's out there that could get it going - Lottie for one.  And talking of a 6-foot diameter cog wheels there's one not far from here which still works, take a look HERE.  I've recently applied to become a miller but not heard yet if I'll be accepted, probably not old enough!  Keep you posted.  Come to think of it Cobham has two working water wheels, there's another one in Pains Hill Park reputed to be the largest in the country and with a bit of modification it could power the local restaurant ovens, of which, there are plenty as you may well know.  Click HERE to see the future of the planet.

Tuesday 29th November 2022

(Weather - Light cloud and dark winds.)

Not sure what to say today, except that the word in red above has been added by Lottie.  So, along with faith, hope and charity you can add perseverance because it will bring results - eventually - proof to follow.

Wednesday 30th November 2022

(Weather - Rapid rise in pressure.  Weather warning - Likely to cause periods of delusion in the elderly.)

Sunday 4th December 2022

(Weather - Pressure even higher leading to even more delusion.)

I am now not confident that my proposal for Tidal Stream Energy cannot fail to solve the world's energy problem. 

Tuesday 6th December 2022

(Weather - Getting older sorry colder.)

And talking about getting some sleep or 'a good night's rest', weren't you?  I can recommend 'Just One Thing' by Dr Michael Mosley available on BBC Sounds click HERE.  He will have you drifting off in no time with scientifically proven sleep techniques ranging from 'Making friends with your bed', 'Breathing', 'Keeping Cool', 'Keeping Warm' and 'Seeing the Light'.  Sweet dreams and thanks for not complaining about my 'poetry'.  Love you lots, Bob.

Thursday 8th December 2022

(Weather - Today an occlusion will cause more confusion. ) 


Happy Birthday to a special person


Sixty years ago today

You were twenty five

You've not changed a bit since then

At least in many eyes

Christmas Cards

The cost of stamps are through the roof
They used to cost a penny
So now to save a bob or two
I'm not sending any

But if I had a decent car
Or a motor bike
I'd pop them round to all my friends
Cos the posties are on strike

I'd wish my friends good cheer
And a b*****y great New Year
They might say the same to me
And offer me a beer

And on the way back home
I'd sing in perfect pitch
But knowing me I'd sing too loud
And end up in the ditch

Sunday 11th December 2022


40C not long ago

Now it's minus five

If it carries on like this

How will we survive?

We'll buy a coat of sheeps wool

Be cosy all day long

Stand outside at night as well

Might even baa a song

And if you find it hard to sleep

Get up and make some tea

But that might not be a good idea

Could make you want to ***

Whoever dreamt up Rhymezone

Should be made to pay the price

For filling brains with rubbish

Instead of something nice.

Monday 12th December 2022

(Weather - Colder than a ****** **** etc.)

Now here's what you do to insulate your house.  First buy some bricks made of sheeps wool, then build a temporary wall of wool on the inside of every external wall.  Then remove it when the weather gets warmer - simple.

wool brick.jpg

Tuesday 13th December 2022

(Weather - Cold snap developing into a much longer snap.)

The above idea is, of course, ridiculous and impractical but if you have a better idea let me know.

Went to see the Doc today

She said you've not much longer

Would you like a cup of tea

Or maybe something stronger


I said I'm very old and cold

That would be very nice

It might just cheer me up 

But would it melt the ice


She said I'll hold you tight all night

And all day long as well

I said that's hardly ethical

She agreed but what the hell

Wednesday 14th December 2022

(Weather - Not mild but bitter.)

This is the time of year when I am at my most creative so, I've drawn 50 Christmas cards which look like this.

Impressed?  It's a robin!

A very merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year


Your last blog was very moving

It nearly made me cry

Especially when romantic love's

Not found before you die

Your paintings are inspiring

Forever I'm in awe

I'll not forget the time we had

Back in'64

And now there is the future

Which will inspire as well

So Oxshott Woods be ready

For lots more tales to tell

Bob Pete John Den Ron.bmp

Friday 16th December 2022

(Weather - Freezing.)


Those of us who are eighty plus

Have seen it all before

Strikes, unrest and tragedy

Not forgetting war

Democracy autocracy

None seems to work too well

So why not scrap the borders

That give rise to hell

We can learn a lesson from the birds

That fly high up in the sky

Free to roam and free to choose

Might be worth a try

Saturday 17th December 2022

(Weather - don't ask.)


Another funeral yesterday

Old friends now are few

Very sad this time of year

Lucky I've got you

Thursday 29th December 2022

(Weather - Sunny intervals and a moderate breeze.)


If by chance it's your birthday today

I'd love to give you a hug

But all I can offer is a cup of tea

In an Oxshott Village Sign mug

And if you really, really would like one

Then pop into Bob's shop over HERE

Enjoy tea or coffee or cocoa or milk

Or whiskey and water or beer

I'm sorry if you find them too pricey

Not much that I'm able to do

I'll pop in to see you tomorrow

Only fifty eight years over due



Google thinks it knows what you're thinking

But it bloody well hasn't a clue

If you ask it take you to Oxshott

It will take you to Chessington Zoo

And if you ask Alexa to tell you

How the hell can we generate power

She'll tell you to buy some more petrol

Not a clue about kilowatt hours


Friday 30th December 2022

(Weather - More heavy rain and a moderate breeze in the trees.)

I first came across the binary code way back in '61

As you probably know it reduces everything to simply - a zero or one

And now if we're not careful we won't be too cheerful when we are reduced

To simply a thumb

No more silly rhymes this year

I'm told they're much too mucky

I'm busy drawing birthday cards

You'll get one if you're lucky

So let me know your date of birth

And how old you think you are

I'll sing you happy birthday too

Accompanied by my guitar?

Sunday 1st January 2023

(Weather - Mild for the time of year.)


You'll be pleased to hear that I've resolved to pack up writing silly rhymes

And stop annoying you as well but resolutions are hard to keep

So I wish you a very happy New Year

Health and wealth and peace but most of all a good nights sleep


Thanks for visiting.

And now if you wish you can turn to Page 34

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