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Dear Family,

Herewith treasures? from the loft which have to go.

They have little value (so far as I can see) except to Marcia and I.

If anybody would like them or has any idea what to do with them please register your interest.

If there is no interest then they may end up on Ebay.


First up.

Six silver (in colour) baby spoons believed to be Indian or maybe Egyptian.

They were brought back from Egypt by Marcia's great Aunt Lill (Sophia Lillian Bandy) around c1930.

She was a children's Nanny who travelled about a bit - we've got her passport.

The box is not the original box but of the same vintage.


A silver plated collection comprising a coffee pot, a sugar bowl, toast rack, butter dish base and lid but no glass dish - sorry, six napkin rings and a lovely little cup - but tarnished.

Belonged to Mother-in-law.

Eileen Marcia Banks/Beesley/Quinlan.

Sugar tongs are with Emma together with a collection of vintage cutlery.


A collection of Arabian/Turkish coffee cups and pot.  Six brass and four porcelain (one cracked).

Also brought back from Egypt by Aunt LIll.


My Post Office Savings Bank which I used to save my paper round money!

There are a few pennies in it but no key - sorry - keys available on Ebay!


A delicate tea set which belonged to my mother Mabel Conway (Jones).

Porcelain with R S Japan mark on the bottom.

One plate and one saucer missing - sorry.  Not sure where it came from, maybe a wedding present.


Set of six cut glass brandy glasses.

Believed to be a wedding present to Eileen from the New End Hospital Hampstead where she worked when she married Frank Quinlan in c1964.


Cup on the right commemorates Queen Victoria sixty years on the throne

1837 - 1897.

Jug and bowl base printed - 

Royal Albert

Bone China

Silver Birch



Coffee cups and saucers

Base printed with

Royal Worcester

Made in England

One cracked with a chip - sorry.


Coffee pot, jug, cups and saucers.

Base printed with - 




Coffee cups

base of one printed with -

Coalport AD 1750


Unframed print by Jean Baptiste Corot (1833) bought by Eileen (mother in law) while on a visit to Paris in 1958.

Size 80cm x 60cm.

There may be more!

Could be worth loads a money!

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