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Thursday 12th May 2016


In the news recently is a claim that yoga will help you to retain your memory and also stem the onset of other nasties. I’ve never forgotten my yoga classes back in the 60’s when I paid half a crown for an evening’s session and joined a class of ladies in fishnets and the teacher sat on a trestle table in the dark surrounded by joss sticks.  It was a type of yoga that required a great deal of ‘relaxing’ including the ‘dead pose’ which is when you lie on your back and dream of sunsets on warm beaches surrounded by mountains.  The only problem was that at the point when most of the class had drifted off into ‘nirvana’ the scouts in the hut next door came thundering out shouting ‘who’s pinched my lovely bike’.


Any how this pose is called ‘padahastasana’ and is what I would advise you to do at every opportunity.  Of course you won’t be able to get anywhere near it to start with but after a few months you will be amazed at your achievement.  You will also be able to remember what’s 'is name.   P.S.  It's not me.

And if you are doing the ‘wheel’ pose surrounded by ladies in fishnets it’s better to keep your eyes closed!

Saturday 14th May 2016


The best way to get into the ‘padahastasana’ position is to sit down on any chair and lean forward until your head is between your knees, gradually lean forward further transferring your weight onto your feet and then gradually straighten your legs keeping your head between your knees, your hamstrings will begin to ache but hold it and relax, straighten further and relax, straighten further and relax.  After a few weeks/months/years you will be like the bloke in the above picture.  And sorry about the sexist remark in the ‘wheel pose’ of course it can equally apply if you are surrounded by blokes in fishnets.    


Monday 16th May 2016


If you were born on May 16th 1967 by any chance then a very Happy Birthday to you and if your parents are still difficult to understand then all I would say we all have/had the same problem.  For instance, yesterday your father had a sudden urge to build a model of the Wright Flyer so he went rushing over to Addlestone Models (which are open on Sundays) and came back with this.  Exquisite don’t you think? It does take a certain dexterity to put it together but perseverance and a few expletives will get you through.  The original Flyer built by Wilber and Orville must have been a nightmare to create.  The motor drives two contra rotating pusher propellers (which cancel out any nasty effects of torque or gyro precession as if you didn’t know) and this model does exactly the same except the motor is an elastic band.  Amazing.  This particular model is destined to join my cockerel weather vane on top of his pole to impress the neighbours.  They are not easily impressed.  In the meantime Lottie’s extension has now got a roof but it’s not water proof yet.

The pilot is facing the right way in case you were wondering.

Wednesday 25th May 2016


Apologies to my regular reader for the lack of blogging.  I had to go to Ibiza again and enjoy myself which I did on occasions but it wasn’t a lot of fun finding my way out of Gatwick South Long Term Car Park in the dark. If you happen to be lucky enough to go to Ibiza and are not a raver then I would recommend a Hotel in the hills that was previously owned by Terry Thomas (a 1950’s actor/comic/wacky character in case you didn’t know) it was his hideaway and now I believe run by his son. Click HERE for more details.  Also if you want a rental car you would find it hard to beat AutosMari.  I am not on any commission but happy to recommend when I think something is worth recommending.


Friday 27th May 2016


Before you tell me that Bob’s new Wright Flyer wind vane is facing the wrong way, let me remind you that what looks like the tail is not the tail but the front, the tail is the vertical fins at the back and when the wind is strong enough the propellers will rotate in different directions!  And if you simply must have one then contact old Bob and he will make one for you.  The neighbours are impressed but they prefer not to comment.


Sunday 29th May 2016


I needed something to look forward to today so i planted 84 runner beans, it doesn’t take much to make life interesting!  I’ll keep you posted on progress.  Also apologies to the neighbours who have been hoping to witness the propellers spinning in the wind on my new Wright Flyer wind vane – I’ll see to it - something else to make life interesting!  Also trying to come to terms with Being Mortal but more about that later.  


Monday 30th May 2016


Lottie, bless her cotton socks, quite rightly is bewildered about what is going on around her.  No kitchen, no doors, garden full of builder’s rubble and surrounded by people who apparently lack direction, vision and cohesion.  In the final phases of any building project it seems that chaos reigns but a quiet determination and shared problem solving by all involved is all it needs to see it through.  Or says Grandfather who's been here before and admits that even he has been known to cock things up, like yesterday when he bent the wrong pipe and will try to bury the memory along with a few other cock ups along the way, although yesterday it could be argued that it wasn't entirely his fault.


Being Mortal is sometimes demanding but it seems there is no other way.   Sorry Lottie I promise to get it right in the end or my name's not Bob.  At least we can look forward to buckets of Runner Beans in a couple of months.  By the way the propellers on the new Wright Flyer are now spinning in the slightest of puffs.  At least something goes to plan!


Wednesday 1st June 2016


Pinch. punch, first of the month..............................


Let’s face it here in the UK we are being asked to make an impossible decision between two unknowns; I saw an inane broadcast yesterday from the Exit camp which would turn any sane person to vote IN.  And then I heard that if we vote IN the NHS would have a lot more money to spend on keeping us alive.  And then I read a book called Being Mortal telling me that I am going to die anyway so what’s the point?


And then I heard that if we vote OUT then a cheese manufacturer in Somerset wouldn’t know what to do with all his cheese as his market would dry up.  And then I heard that if we stay IN then we won’t be able to make a fortune from selling Hovercraft to the Brazilians.  And then I heard that if we vote OUT the Financial Institutions will collapse.  And then I heard that if stay IN we will be overrun by immigrants but then I heard that it’s the immigrants who will eat lots of cheese.


Thursday 2nd June 2016


Seriously though I caught a snatch of a discussion between some old farts from Eastbourne, of which there are many, and some young students from Brighton University.  Most of the old farts wanted OUT of the EU and most of the students wanted to stay IN the EU which I think is a general demographic split across the country.  However a comment from one of the young students was ‘I don’t wish to appear rude but you lot will be history in a couple of years and we will have to live with the consequences so what do you say to that?’


I didn’t catch the response, if there was one, but for me that was enough for me to change my mind and vote IN however there is a good possibility that if we all vote OUT then those students may well thank us 20 years down the road – but we will never know – so, let’s be positive about whatever the outcome and make it work either way, so don’t worry and let’s have another coffee.


Saturday 4th June 2016


Yesterday Lottie got a bit bored with all the chat about referendums and extensions not to mention the dust and rubbish contaminating the place so she took Granddad down the swings and let him play on the slide to cheer him up as he needed at a bit of cheering up.  She then steered him away from the pub and took him into the church to say hello to Jesus but the organist was practising his loud bits so not very peaceful.  However Granddad cheered up a bit on the way back as he found a broken pheasants egg obviously been discarded by a marauding Jackdaw which he studied in great detail and gave it to Lottie to add to her collection of feathers and flower petals.  He then collected armfuls of bean poles from Lottie’s garden as she had too many thereby completing yet another day of achievement for Granddad.

Do you like the bi-folds? Lottie does.  Is it coming together?  Or is it coming together?

Bit of a grey day but the sun should be out tomorrow.


Wednesday 8th June 2016


A ridge of high pressure has settled over the UK in recent days which means that winds are light to non-existent in all areas which means that a hush has settled over the land.  You can hear birds sing and dogs bark.  Wind vanes, wind socks and wind farms are at a standstill.  Yachties are a bit cheesed off and so are farmers who have invested in wind farms but to us old Granddads who have nothing to do it is a time of reflection and watching beans grow.


There appears to be a lot of wind over Europe at the moment so I am wondering if we might import a few bags of wind and put them to good use, what do you say Sam?  It reminds me of that old Irish farmer who dug a hole in the ground but then decided he didn’t want it and put in on Ebay and high bidder Paddy came along with his truck, loaded the hole on the back but it fell off as Paddy was going too fast round a corner in a narrow country lane so he reversed to pick it up and never been seen since.  Now that’s tragic.


Friday 10th June 2016


Just for the record I have replaced an image above with Lottie proudly showing off her scooter, much more interesting than the new bi-folds.  Now begins all the hard work sorting out the shortcomings of the builder, plumber, electrician, roofer and screeder.  I don’t mean it lads I am truly impressed.  Now also begins the criticisms of the architect from all those who would have done it differently, could have, would have, should have – sorry too late.


In the meantime Grandads potatoes, beans and rhubarb are looking great and his sweet peas are intoxicating.  But his back is knackered.


Saturday 11th June 2016


Referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.


Vote only once by putting a cross in the box next to your choice.


Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?


Remain a member of the European Union      X


Leave the European Union                              X


I’m not normally a ‘fence sitter’ but after listening to all the claims and counter claims from all the experts and politicians I’ll go with the Her Majesty the Queen on this one.


Thursday 23rd June 2016


I’d just like to thank all those ladies who came rushing to the aid of an old fart sprawling in the street after falling off his bike.  At one point as the pavement was heading rapidly towards his chin he thought his days were over but apart from a few grazes and a bruised ego he declined help and limped to the polling station to plant his cross.  What a hero!  What a plonker! ..............Yes it was me.


Friday 24th June 2016


Wherever you planted your cross you are probably a bit worried this morning but don’t start blaming anybody, it doesn’t lead anywhere.  We are all in this ‘togezzer’ as Lottie would say and I’ve promised her that I’ll sort it so quit worrying and let’s have another coffee.  You can get a sneak preview of my idea for the future by clicking HERE.  ‘Uniform Charlie – clear for take-off’.


Saturday 25th June 2016


I expect you are probably thinking that that video of Orville about to take off for his first flight in the Wright Flyer is pants but to me it represents hope, hope that all the nuts and bolts are done up tight, hope that nothing is going to fall off, hope that all the predictions and calculations are right, hope in his ability to control the beast, hope that a flock of birds don’t get in the way and hope that one day it might be useful.  So its hope with a large portion of confidence will get us there in the end.  What do you think Sam?


Sunday 26th June 2016


The wind has changed and for what it’s worth, had I been an IN voter, an OUT voter or I was so busy or knackered I didn’t make it to the polls in time I am so confident about the future now (for Lottie and all of us on the planet), chaotic as it is, I have ordered a new front door and booked a couple of holidays.  


Tuesday 28th June 2016


If I was an alien recently arrived from a planet populated by headless chickens then I would feel very much at home.  

Saturday 2nd July 2016


Bit of a shame they didn’t take all the ballot boxes to Brussels and empty them all out in the European Parliament Chamber and count them there then we wouldn’t have known that Scotland, London, Elmbridge, David Cameron, my neighbour and many others voted IN but most voted OUT.  As it is we are seen (and feel) like a DUK (Dis-United Kingdom) but what is done is done and a year from now everything will be lovely just like my freshly dug new potatoes, Lottie loves them.  It was all down to planting them with Bob’s Planter so as soon as I have set up a Trade Deal with anyone who wants to buy them………What’s a Trade Deal Sam?   Is that when you want to buy some potatoes at Waitrose but you can’t have them unless you have a free coffee?


Meanwhile Lottie’s new kitchen is fast becoming a reality, heroic efforts are being made by all concerned to achieve and yesterday due to Granddads (both of them), hot and cold water arrived at the new sink but more importantly when the plug was ceremoniously pulled it drained away down the new drainpipe and as soon as we get a new door on the new toilet all will be lovely – just like my potatoes.  There might be a picture to follow – of my new potatoes not the new toilet without a door!  My sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) are still intoxicating.  Sorry.


Sunday 3rd July 2016


Well it’s supposed to be a time for looking forward to summer holidays and sunshine but here in the UK it’s not so hot and the future for the short term it has to be said is worrying.  Looking at it from outside the UK (including Europe) you are probably all thinking that either we are a shining beacon of hope for all or that all the bungs have come out of the hull and we’ve run out of bungs.  I heard a heated exchange on the radio yesterday blaming us old farts for the whole debacle which is fine (if you could prove it) but where does it get you?  Nowhere.  It’s too late for the blame game so let’s look at the problems from the same side of the table and not across the table (think I’ve said that before somewhere) and design the way forward ‘togezzer’ as Lottie would say.  


Talking of designing I have come up with a new invention that will solve all our problems so watch this space. (Think I’ve said that before somewhere!}.


In the meantime my chicken thinks he’s a Spitfire and joined the Royal Air Force.  The headwinds are a touch stronger but no problem, he has had 7 propellers fitted to his arse for maximum thrust.  

Monday 4th July 2016


Old Bob is lucky enough to have half a dozen grandchildren and yesterday afternoon 10 year old twins Maddie and Phoebe danced their cotton socks off on stage at the Leatherhead Theatre.  Along with what seemed hundreds of other young ladies they raised the spirits, not to say electrified the audience.  A three hour, 34 routine, non-stop dazzling array of colour, costumes, inspired lighting, changing stage sets and music ranging from ballet, ballad, rock, pop and hip hop.  It was energetic, enthusiastic, confident, vibrant and reminded us old farts of what youth was all about.  Well done girls and well done SOEL Dance Academy.

stars and stripes

Friday 8th July 2016


If you are still keeping up with Bob’s Blog then you are one of the few, and that doesn’t mean you are a Spitfire pilot in 1940, it means that according to my Goggle Analytics you are probably the only one reading this as it seems that interest is declining which, you may think that it’s time for old Bob to quit blogging but far from it so hang on in there as there may be some exciting news to come.  (That sentence is crap but I can’t be bothered to put it right).


Take yesterday for instance, I wheeled Lottie in my wheelbarrow over the road to my vegetable patch to dig up some delicious new potatoes (really delicious).  I took a lovely picture of Lottie sitting in the wheel barrow but like a plonker accidentally deleted it, now how frustrating is that so if you know how to retrieve a deleted image from your phone you will be my friend for ever Sam.  Also yesterday I mended Dan’s lawnmower (again) so the old skills are still there also the old tools I used are still there in my tool box, the tools I was issued with back in 1955 at the start of my apprenticeship – isn’t that amazing?  Also yesterday I rolled out Lottie’s sand box (it rolls on 3 cricket stumps) and found a large frog sheltering underneath, how it didn’t get steam rollered by the cricket stumps I shall never know – lucky frog.  Now that’s much more interesting than sweltering in Ibiza, isn't it?


Monday 11th July 2016


There has been further progress on Lottie’s extension the kitchen is now fully functional but skirting, flooring, painting, decorating, snagging and signing off by the building inspector are yet to be done.  42 years ago when I finished my own extension (built single handed by the way) there were also many things left to be done which I might get round to someday!  When we moved in to this house some 45 years ago I remember the previous owners saying that they had lived here for 18 years and I can remember thinking how utterly unthinkable living in the same house for 18 years would be, now, here we are some 45 years later and the utterly, utterly unthinkable has happened.  Could that mean that the utterly, utterly, utterly unthinkable may happen and one day one of my inventions might make it on to the market place?   Meanwhile Granddad is about to dig up some of his new potatoes, plenty of beans to come.    

Sunday 17th July 2016


Time flies doesn’t it?  Since I last blogged there has been triumph and tragedy in the news I just hope that you dear reader have triumphed and not been struck by tragedy, struck down with a trapped sciatic nerve, had tooth ache, back ache, head ache, gut ache or any other ache because if you have you have my sympathy.  Overcoming any affliction can be helped by taking a trip to Nirvana, and that’s not a rock band or a State in the Union, it is a place that you won’t find on any destination board but somewhere within or without that is worth seeking so let me know when you have found it and I’ll join you…….. but then it won’t be Nirvana if I’m there, I’ll only cock things up by drilling a hole in the wrong place, driving erratically or upsetting the neighbours and that’s not what you want in your Nirvana.  Charlotte Bronte I’m pretty sure found Nirvana when penning Jane Eyre so it’s out (or in) there somewhere.  In the meantime my cockerel has been joined by the Stars and Stripes in honour of a visit from Renton Lill, who’s Renton Lill?  Maybe tomorrow.


Thursday 21st July 2016


Now, Lynnwood Lill and Renton Lill (perhaps derogatory names for two lovely people) who were the spouses of two other lovely people, Chic and Bob, who met as rooky recruits of The Boeing Aircraft Company in September 1968.  The relationship of the two families (they both ended up with 6 lovely children between them - 3 apiece) grew over the years as they all possessed that magic ingredient for making a relationship work but I don’t know what you call it – it doesn’t happen very often - let’s call it true friends.  Anyhow to cut a long story short Renton Lill popped by for a couple of days on her way back to Heathrow after a reminiscing tour of the UK, unfortunately Chic couldn’t make it as he had to look after the dog back in Detroit.  Perhaps I should explain that one family persevered with life in the US and one didn’t but the one who didn’t has always wondered whether or not that perhaps it should have (persevered).  Could have, should have, would have?


Forgot to explain that Lynnwood and Renton are two towns in the USA, Lynnwood on Highway 99 40 miles north of Seattle and Renton on the south end of Lake Washington 20 miles south of Seattle which was where the two families lived, Renton Lill lived in Renton and Lynnwood Lill lived in Lynnwood, obviously!


Friday 22nd July 2016


I’d just like to wish all you lovely people out there, including you Sam, rushing off to work earning money in order to pay the bills and taxes and have enough left over for food, shoes, clothes and holidays – have a lovely Friday – it’s POETS day and I wish I was young enough to join you.  Excuses!


Monday 25th July 2016


For those of you who can’t wait to hear the next episode from Lottie’s extension I can tell you that Granddad has received a Final Building Regulations Completion Certificate issued by the Local Council, so, apart from a bit of pipe boxing, a spot of decorating and the laminate flooring sorted – job done as they say, Lottie celebrated yesterday by putting on her new fairy’s outfit (with wings, wand and sunglasses) but declined to pose for a picture – maybe later.


Meanwhile Granddads excruciating pain down his left leg from his trapped sciatic nerve is receiving treatment from his Ozzy lady Acupuncturist, he doesn’t normally complain or expect any sympathy but this time any help gratefully received.  He did have a flash of inspiration which helped somewhat on Saturday morning (no it wasn’t chatting to you Sam, although it was lovely to see you) it was another idea to change the world, it was the Universal Doorstay which is being evaluated by no less than two global manufacturers as I write so watch this space – think I’ve said that before somewhere!  Currently the materials and method of construction are on the secret list but I’ll show you a picture anyway.


Saturday  30th July 2016


There’s nothing more beautiful, wonderful and uplifting as having a computer that responds instantly to the buttons on the keyboard, is there?  There is also nothing more beautiful, wonderful, and uplifting as when you are not in constant pain but when both of those things are painfully not the case then blogging becomes impossible.  So, until something changes I’m off to do my exercises, plug in my TENS machine, get more physio, yoga, acupuncture, pain killers, an MRI scan, defragment and scan for bugs.  I’m out of it – sorry.  In the meantime I’ll leave you with a picture of Lottie enjoying her new extension.  Aaaaahhh!

Wednesday 10th August 2016


Well it’s a good job I’ve got nothing better to do than to blog because if I did I couldn’t and if I didn’t I couldn’t anyway.  Which makes sense to me but probably not to you, but thanks for checking on me anyway.  I’ll try to have something more interesting to chat about tomorrow as I’m down for an MRI scan which they tell me will reveal all – not sure I want to know!  


Sunday 14th August 2016


Without wishing to bore you with a monologue on coping with back pain all I would say is that experiencing an MRI scan is like flying to the moon in a noisy 3 foot diameter rocket (which I’ve always wanted to do) so for me it was on my bucket list and now it isn’t.  Results yet to be revealed.  In the meantime I would recommend a TENS machine for coping with pain, the instructions on how to use it are a pain in the backside (no pun intended) but if you’ve gone through the list of pills, potions and all the other therapies, give it a try.  

Images of Red Arrows temporarily removed.


Might be copyright!

logo original

Thursday 18th August 2016


There’s nothing like good news to take away the pain, is there?  Today Eliza my other granddaughter (I’ve got 5 of them} achieved her A level results necessary to gain entrance into her favourite University (Newcastle) so many congratulations to Eliza – no pressure Ivan!


Also Tim, their father, who happens to be married to Julia my daughter, celebrated 150 years of shoemaking at Grenson’s Northampton yesterday; the celebrations were topped off by a flypast by the Red Arrows (no less) over the factory in Northampton.


Why the Red Arrows? Because Tim, who is the driving force behind Grenson for the past 20 years has been supplying shoes for the Red Arrow pilots.  Lucky them.  Good news, I’ve got a pair of Grenson’s as well so does that mean I can fly a Red Arrow?


Monday 29th August 2016


Normally I get a couple of hits a day probably from Sam and friends who are obviously worried how the sciatica is, well today it’s a bit better thanks, so don’t write me off just yet.  However I have been shocked into action today as Bob’s Blog got 1000 hits yesterday – unbelievable – all of them from a small town in Virginia USA, now either the old Goggle Analytics has gone Ape or there are 1000 people out there who have a genuine interest in old Bob’s Blog – an email from any of you would be interesting.


Just returned from another visit to Branscombe with Lottie and parents, this time in a caravan – (large static trailer for my American friends).  The week was topped off with a crab sandwich and another spectacular display by the Red Arrows seen from the top of the cliff above Sidmouth. Sad day yesterday as the old CRV had to go, after 12 years safely ferrying us all over the place she had become one of the family, and now she’s gone.  


Wednesday 31st August 2016


Before I descend into oblivion along with the CRV and this crap computer I would like to put the record straight regarding my grandchildren.  Lottie, Maddie, Phoebe, Eliza and Hannah have already had a few mentions on this fantastic blog but our ‘one and only’ grandson Ivan Robert, bless him, has not, so, I would like to put on record that his grandparents are genuinely filled with pride at his achievements.  Apart from surviving 16 years with two elder sisters he has put in a heroic effort to achieve highly impressive results in his recent GCSE examinations so many congratulations Ivan.  It puts my one GCE in Geometrical and Technical Drawing into perspective – rubbish.


Friday 2nd September 2016


Reading through page 10 of this blog there seems to be a lot of questions unanswered so I’ll attempt to put that right by reporting that the Runner Beans were a disaster as the black fly took over and decimated two rows, the potatoes are pretty much OK although the bind weed sent tentacles in all directions strangling everything and it’s a bit of a nightmare getting at them, the rhubarb produced but not very well so all in all not very satisfactory and not much to show for the effort but that’s gardening.  I was never cut out for it any way.  


I found out yesterday that I am officially ‘incredible’ which is a satisfying feeling and makes up for all the balls ups I’ve made recently.  How is it that I am ‘incredible’?  Well yesterday there was an obituary in the Telegraph of Joe Sutter Chief Designer of the Boeing 747 :-


Joe Sutter, who has died aged 95, was the chief engineer behind the Boeing 747 – the world’s most recognisable aircraft and the “jumbo jet” that revolutionised commercial air travel following its launch in 1968.


The stakes for Boeing could scarcely have been higher. With a fuselage 225 ft long and a tail as tall as a six-storey building, 747 dwarfed its rivals in both expanse and expense. No production plant in the world was large enough to accommodate it, so the company bought more than 750 acres of land on the corner of Paine Field in Everett, Washington, and set about clearing away the dense forest.


Over four million cubic yards of earth had to be moved in the process, leaving room for a building so capacious that clouds would form near the roof. At the head of it all was Sutter, who had at his disposal a 50,000-strong team of mechanics, engineers and administrators. Their industry nickname was “the Incredibles”.


So, I was one of the 50,000 ‘Incredibles’, something I always knew but only found out for sure yesterday.  Isn’t that incredible?


PS. The new front door was fitted yesterday and it looks great the only problem is that the whole house now needs redecorating to match the new front door - anybody know an incredible decorator?


Tuesday 6th September 2016


Despite personally breathing new life into my aging computer and achieving a state of equilibrium without pain killers or a walking stick you might think that I should be pleased with myself, well I am, but, after yet another visit to a ‘care home’ visiting poor souls who don’t want to be there, don’t know who they are or where they are, surrounded by carers who also don’t want to be there it takes the wind out of your sails.  Yet, more and more ‘care homes’ are popping up all over the place waiting to suck in many of us who have survived the storms of life, climbed our mountains and yet are destined to descend into oblivion into the clutches of a ‘care home’.  Not a pretty prospect and decidedly depressing.  So what’s the answer?  You never see this happening in the bird world so I’ve decided to become a bird, I’ve already said my favourite bird is a crow so if you happen to spot an old crow flying around without navigation lights at night in the vicinity of Heathrow or Gatwick – it might be me!


In the mean time I have recently learned that every other tide is caused by the moon, which is common knowledge, but I bet you don’t know what causes the second tide of the day, that is, the tide that is generated on the side of the planet away from the moon?  I can tell you that it is not the ‘bulge’ caused by the moon or any other of the answers you will find on Wikipedia or Google.  So what is it?


Saturday 10th September 2016


OK nobody knows so if you want to know you’ll find the answer in a book called ‘SKYFARING’ written by Mark  Vanhoenacker.  It’s about the reflections of a commercial airline pilot mainly as seen from the flight deck of a Boeing 747.  In his preface he requests pictures you have taken from the window seat so needless to say I sent him a link to my blog about my part on the 747 which includes a shot from a Boeing 707 in October 1969 on our return from the USA.  He kindly replied as follows – ‘      Dear Bob, Many thanks for that link, a very enjoyable read!  I love the test rig photo for the 747 and got a laugh at your caption. Thanks again for writing and all the best, Mark.’


So there you are, there is actually somebody out there who actually reads this blog that is apart from you Sam and maybe Mac and Judy out there in Ottawa on occasions.


Sunday 11th September 2016


Well there's a lot going on out there this weekend but I found comfort in the mundane, the trivial, the rituals, the routine and the everyday things and so did Dr Sarah Goldingay - click HERE to share the experience.


Thursday 15th September 2016


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