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Greetings, this web domain name was purchased way back


in 1995 with the idea that it would be great if jobseekers could


CLICK on their postcode district to find out what vacancies


were on their doorstep.  There were encouraging signs to begin


with producing the following testimonials:-


  'I love the concept of your website'.

Yehudi Menuhin School.


‘I have to say the response from your site has been excellent, and the calibre of people applying has been very good’.

  Fairmile Hotel.


‘very encouraging.   I hope the site will go from strength to strength.’   BUPA Care Homes .


‘we had 8 replies, filled the vacancy and we will certainly use WALKTOWORK again.’

 Portofino Fine Linens.


'Just to advise that the position has now been filled

- thanks to you.'   Lloyds Pharmacy.


'It's been a while since I was desperate for staff but here I am again. Please could I post a vacancy on your wonderful site'  Premier Lodge.


However, clearly the dream has not yet, for various reasons, come to pass.  And despite the multitude of all singing all dancing websites now out there, in my view, the ‘dream’ has yet to be realised.


In May 2015 it became the vehicle for ‘Bob’s Blog’ which you are welcome to peruse.  It tries not to be introspective, embarrass anyone or use bad language but occasionally fails on all counts, sorry.


 In August 2021 a link to the precise location of all vacancies was added.

In December 2021 the Web design platform was moved to

The ideas, some crazy and some not so crazy, hidden in these pages are available for all to exploit and make fortunes from!

If you do find this website useful please make a donation to

The Children's Society


Contact is


Thank you for visiting and have a nice day.


Bob Jones  July 2024. 

P.S. Content and layout, I think you will find, improve with time.



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