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Don't worry nobody else can understand it either

bantham beach 1

If you zoom in you can feel the wind.

bantham beach 2

If you zoom in you can see the wind, white horses, whirlpools, overfalls, Burgh Island and some fool in his cloth cap and no life jacket.

bantham beach 4
bantham beach 3



Thursday 10th October 2019


Crunch time for Brexit Sam, I don't know about you but I've changed my mind.  Being half English, half Irish and half Northern Irish there's no way to tear myself apart.  Mr Farage has a very convincing but divisive argument but so far he hasn't told me what his plans are for the invisible border.  Three years ago, if you remember, I said that I'll leave this one to The Queen but that's not fair either so all I can say it'll be a bit boring when it's all resolved - is that possible?


In the meantime I won the 'Editor's Pick' accolade on the BBC Weather Watchers site for my picture of some amazing cloud formations.  Fame at last!  Click HERE and be prepared to be amazed.  


Friday 11th October 2019


Seriously considering joining The Epsom and Ewell Art Group, any objections?


Sunday 13th October 2019


Haven't a clue why I would want to join Epsom and Ewell Art Group, it's much too far to drive, I can't draw, don't like being told how to draw and don't like clubs so what ever reason is there for joining Epsom and Ewell Art Group?  Was it The Castle Richmond or The Orchid or maybe Wimbledon Palais or maybe even The Locarno 1963?  Shake, Rattle and Roll, damned if I can remember.  Might have been The Skimmington?  I'm pretty sure it wasn't The Prospect of Whitby, Butlins at Brighton or The Royal Albert Hall so where was it?  Answer Here?



Saturday 26th October 2019


I haven't forgotten it was The Castle Ballroom in Richmond and thanks for trying to instill a touch of culture in me but at the time it was a lost cause, sorry, different now?


And while we are on the subject I'd like to mention a couple of things about Brexit.


1.  Brexit is Apolitical, that means it is like asking if you like fish and chips, prefer The Oxshott Village Sign or The Cobham Village Sign or prefer driving on the right or left hand side of the road.  Anybody who tries to politicise it has a screw loose.


2.  If they had collected all the ballot boxes and emptied them out in one big pile in the middle of The House of Commons and then counted them we wouldn't have known that London wanted IN, Cornwall wanted OUT, Scotland wanted IN, Norfolk wanted OUT, you wanted IN and I wanted OUT.  No divisive arguments, too late now.  Get it right next time.


3.  The Europeans, quite rightly, cannot let it be seen that there is any advantage in leaving so why are we wrangling endlessly about 'a deal'?  Because we all, Brit's and Euro's, want our cake and eat it.  Did you know that the human body only needs potatoes and butter to survive?  Three jacket potatoes please - plenty of cheese.


Friday November 1st 2019


Brexit Day!  Sorry back to the drawing board.  Not another election surely.  As I mentioned 3 years ago unless the Irish can get together and they all join the UK or EU we can't get out.  Simple.  So we'll stay in and wait until that happens - yawn.  Over 80's don't count anyway so why am I worried Sam?



Wednesday 6th November 2019


Do you want to listen to another politician?


Do you want to see a stunning picture taken at Birling Gap by old Bob on October 15th 2019? X

birling gap

Make a nice painting?  X

Sunday 24th November 2019


Dear Reader,


Bob would like you to know that he has decided to pack up blogging.  He has decided to embark on a new career as a SHEN YUN dancer.  His Nano - Technology Anti Gravity Units hidden in the heels of his Grensons might help!  Sad?


He would like to wish his reader A Happy Christmas, A Happy New Year and A Happy Government.



13th January 2020


Well. it's not all over until the fat lady sings also I've got another couple of hundred Mb to use so until the fat lady sings ?


My career as a Shen Yun dancer came to an abrupt end when I couldn't get out my seat in the Royal Circle at Woking Theatre but the young ladies looked magnificent.  Seats at £74 a pop was a touch over the top was my conclusion.


In the mean time I have just completed a Rokr Marble Explorer in 49 hours non stop.  If you've no idea what I'm talking about Sam just Google it and next time you are over I'll show you how it works, you'll be blown away.


Sunday 16th January 2220


What a good idea it was when we all decided to walktowork way back in 2020.


Tuesday 21st January 2020


Sorry about the slip into the future but it just goes to show that it exists, not because Donald was right but because you walktoworkers solved the problem.


I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's.  I will not reason and compare, my business is to create.


William Blake born 1757 died 1827.

Pencil black large

Tuesday 28th January 2020  -  Happy Birthday Ivan


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, I can think of one word to describe this one.




Sunday 2nd February 2020

Arrow black large
Cart 2 black large



If I had wings I would fly to the Moon and back and to the clouds


If I had wings I would fly into a

Magical Rainbow


If I had wings I would fly into

Space and back to the clouds


Charlotte (Lottie) Elizabeth Jones

Age 6 (just) February 2nd 2020


Written in the midst of chaos, confusion and pandemonium.





Thursday 6th February 2020


Well it's fish and bin day again today Sam, so quite busy.  Jumped on the train to Reading last Monday to visit an old codger (sorry old mate) in The Royal Berkshire Hospital so get well soon Don.  If you don't know Don he's the one who supplied Fruit and Veg to Oxshott and Bookham in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and Naughties.  Just like his jokes!


Sunday 9th February 2020


Today, Dear Reader it's a Happy Birthday to Marcia.  51 years ago today the first jumbo jet took to the skies from Everett, Washington State USA - we were there (what's that got to do with the price of fish?).  At the time we were 30 and 28 years old respectively so you can work it for yourselves.  Also today in Cobham it is wet and windy like you wouldn't believe.  Horizontal wind, horizontal rain, horizontal trees, horizontal fences (except mine) and a cockerel weather vane gyrating like a demented cockerel.  It would appear to be not only Cobham that is affected but the whole country, Storm Ciaran, sorry Ciara, is wreaking havoc.  It's Storm Dennis next. I'm looking forward to Storm Willow but that might be a touch pessimistic.


Monday 10th February 2020


Bearing in mind the fact that I have a reputation of being a very boring (sorry, a seasoned after dinner) speaker, I'd like to talk to you today about Raising your Aspirations zzzzzzzzzzzz


Whatever you do don't Google 'Raising your Aspirations' and don't worry if you haven't got any.


Aniticipate success and success is yours, anticipate happiness and happiness is yours.


To be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic.






Sunday 16th February 2020


Just for the record Storm Dennis is battering the country as I write, flood waters are closing in around us and I've sold my boat, would you Adam and Eve it ?


- Bob -

a flood

Monday 17th February 2020









Thursday 20th February 2020



Dear Reader,


It has come to my attention that if you are viewing this amazing blog on your smartphone you may be missing some amazing graphics unless you switch to your

'Standard Version'.


Have an amazing day.




creation 2
creation 1

Both put together with a great deal of cursing and swearing by yours truly.


If you wind the handle of the Marble Explorer the crazy mechanism will drive the arm up and down, picking up a steel ball one by one and then deposits it onto a ramp, then the top wheel transports it further up to another level and spills it out on to the top ramp and then rolls down to the flip flop rocker which then sends it back down to the bottom via either the ramp or the helter skelter depending on the angle of dangle and it then it joins the queue to start its journey all over again.


The Pendulum Clock goes tick tock.  


Sunday 15th March 2020


Let's face it, we are all vulnerable so labelling any group vulnerable is not helpful.  I am more vulnerable than you but less vulnerable than him and he is more vulnerable than her but less vulnerable than me so that makes you more vulnerable than me but less vulnerable than her.  So, if she is more vulnerable than him and less vulnerable than you then that makes me more or less more vulnerable than him, her or you.  QED

124 ww

Monday 16th March 2020  Self Isolating on West Wittering Beach.

Could be the last trip for quite some time.


Thursday 19th March 2020


Love and mugs, Bob zsdc but not x.




Just checking!

Sunday 22nd March 2020


To bee or not to bee, that is the question, whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them ...........


The rest is a touch depressing but who's depressed?  It's Spring hurrah, but not if you are in the Southern Hemisphere Sam.

Sorry.  Spare a thought.


Tuesday 31st March 2020


Dear Samangina,


Let's face it not much to be positive about at the moment but when (not if) when, it's all over we will be able to say that global warming has been reversed, endangered species are back from the brink and my loft has been transformed into a vast empty space so lots to look forward to and be thankful for.


Also I've decided that will be back from the brink bristling with jobs on your doorstep.  Probably not paying much but you won't need money as buying stuff wI'll be history.


By the way I found an old 1961 diary in the loft.  Damned if I can remember who Liz, Sally, Beryl, Irene, Margaret, Diane, Linda  and Pat were but I do remember Lambretta, MG and Morris Minor.  What does that say about somebody?


May your future be Aspirational.




And if by any chance you haven't got enough stuff you can click on this if you must.

Arrow black large

Thursday 2nd April 2020    =   Bad news.   Fish and bin day today but no fish.

Image of Shen Yen dancers temporarily removed.


Might be copyright!


But you can always Google them.

logo original

Wednesday 2nd October 2019


If you don't know Bantham Beach in the South Hams area of Devon I would recommend putting it on your bucket (or things to do before you are took) list.  In any weather it is awe inspiring.  Not only for the dramatic surrounding countryside, which includes Burgh Island, but if you are lucky enough to experience it in all its fury, and survive, you will forever carry the memory.   Many years ago I trailed my Cornish Cormorant sailing dinghy down there and sailed into wind and water which was on the limit, my passenger was a very old person, who unfortunately has already been took, he didn't say anything but he and I knew that we could have been took at any moment had it not been for the handling skills of the helmsman.


Last week another seamless train journey courtesy South Western Railway took us to Totnes where we were picked up by the lovely Nitca.  Paul arrived the next day and immediately put me to work designing a log store,.  Avid readers of this blog, if there are any, will remember the handrail from 11th October on Page 19 of this blog.  


Having completed the log store design plus a delicate piece of picture framing a daily hike onto the beach braving sand storms, howling wind, rain, thunder and lightning blew the cobwebs away.  In the midst of it all were nonchalant kite surfers kissing the waves at 150 mph occasionally leaping and twisting, powerful kites arching and diving in all directions defying the laws of nature.  Amongst the onlookers, believe it or not,  were Beach Belles in bikinis .


'80 Year Old Takes Up Kite Surfing'.


I was hoping to include a report on a visit to the Burgh Island Hotel but -


'Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night one of our house bands will entertain you in our Ballroom. You are not obliged to dance, but you may be tempted!

Live piano music accompanies all other evenings.'


I didn't have my dancing partner with me Sam but you, sorry, it is on my bucket list.


Tuesday 3rd March 2020


Without wishing to labour the point Sam but you probably haven't noticed a new page popped up on


Sunday 8th March 2020


If you can take your mind off Corona Virus and Toilet Rolls for a moment I would like to show you what a Rokr Marble Explorer and Rokr Pendulum Clock is like.  I know that you have always wanted to know.

Thursday 12th March 2020


Back in 1942, in the middle of the war, when bombs and bits of aeroplanes were falling out the sky, the sirens were wailing, Hitler was intent on taking over the world, hundreds and thousands of people were being killed and dying of starvation, living without central heating, no inside toilets and your home a couple of years after this  photograph was taken would be flattened by a bomb with you in it, you would think that the mood of all of us would be doom and gloom but it wasn't.


Likewise Corona Virus, Climate Change and any other challenge will be overcome by walking to work!


Young Robert with his Dad Reginald who is in his Home Guard's

(Dad's Army) uniform.

The bomb went through the deck chair in 1944 full story HERE.

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