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Wednesday 3rd July 2024.

Due to popular demand from eager readers, eager old badgers and beavers from Epsom and around the globe this old blogger has decided to 'Carry On Blogging' but it won't be quite so good as 'Carry On Camping' - remember?  Talk about innuendo.  None of that here of course!  He has received inspiration from his Angels.


'Carrying On Transporting' his young lady hither and thither on her wheeled pogo-stick the old codger has developed muscles in places where they've never been before, and that is not an innuendo!  Honest!  He also has managed to poach an egg to perfection so you know where to come for a runny yoke (or a funny joke even!) to enjoy with your glass of Pinot Grigio.​

He's looking for another carer, chief cook, wheelchair trips to Waitrose and bottle washer at the moment, any offers?

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#Carers at suppertime

#Won't you be my little carer

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Bob's Blog Page 47

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You are reading Page 47 of Bob's Blog/diary/dream/story/journey/novelistic memoir.

He is 85 years old and counting.

He is also very much aware that this blog is of no significance whatsoever -

at the time of writing!





Thursday 4th July 2024.  USA Independence Day and UK Polling Day.  Don't forget.


Sorry to disappoint all you applicants but the Old Codger has decided not to take on another carer because yesterday the expected carer didn't turn up so he performed all the necessary tasks scoring eleven out of ten for sensitvity.


In order to lighten the mood between stressed out carers and the frustrated cared for don't forget to listen to ANGEL RADIO.  It will transport you back to your misspent youth in the 50's and 60's when life was a bunch of roses.  

A Bouquet of Roses.jpg

Friday 5th July 2024.

Euphoria was the winner yesterday, let's hope it is not misplaced.

Enough of politics, the efforts of an old spent carer was rewarded yesterday with a respite drive in the Duster down memory lane.  On the way to Memory Lane he broke the speed limit on the Mickleham Bypass but only briefly in order to get past a Harley Davidson on the inside lane.  He thought he was in his MG in 1959.  There is some truth in that somewhere but you'll have to work it out. 


Saturday 6th July 2024.


A long chat with Kerrie from BUPA Care Homes at Arbrook House, Esher (not heard of it before) was enlightening, inspiring and appealing, especially the 'stunning' landscaped grounds and the lake. 


It included GP visits within the home, visiting specialist nurses, speech and language therapy, pet therapy, visiting diabetes nurse, religious services, delicious meals and laundry services all for two grand a week per person. 


The Old Codger checked his bank account, got out his slide rule (bought in 1952) and decided he would book an hour a week for £11.90 per person preferably at Sunday lunchtime as cooking is not exactly his forte.  The rest can be DIY which is his forte.  See you there?  Great for plein air!

There must be a pill to cure CCH (Contemplating Care Homes), surely.

Sunday 7th July 2024.

Enough of care home chat.  Old Bob has decided he can cope with all his young lady's needs, he even cancelled the carers, mainly because she's happy that the door bell button hanging round her neck will bring instant help.

The bell hanging around Old Bob's neck has a 'ding dong' range of 300 yards radius which just includes The Bear where you can buy a pint of Proper Job for £5.55!  The response time at a jog trot is 4 minutes flat.  He checked it yesterday! 

Before you complain to the authorities about neglect the old couples Angels are always hovering.  Tha Angel Patrick is arriving tomorrow to bring life back into the old lady's left wing which is still lifeless.  No pressure Angel Patrick.

lyme regis.jpg

Memories.  A dreamy scene of Lyme Regis Harbour by Old Bob's favourite artist.

Monday 8th July 2024.

Back around 1963 your favourite blogger drove a Triumph TR3 down to Lyme Regis.  It wasn't his it belonged to his old mate Don the Greengrocer who was usually too knackered to drive because of early morning trips to Covent Garden. 

They found a B and B for five bob a night on a local farm with chickens and pigs wandering around the kitchen and a candle to light you to bed.  In the morning it was eggs and hairy bacon for breakfast and the chickens and pigs had disappeared.  Sadly, Don and his TR3 are no longer with us.  Memories.

Tuesday 9th July 2024.


'You can only help to repair a bird with one wing if you look after yourself first', is the advice from many.  So, the Old Codger poured himself another Guinness before hanging out the washing.  50 years ago he built a Hinged Plastic Corrugated Roofed Side Passage to protect his washing from the rain, it's been raining for days.  His HPCRSP receives gasps of wonder from the neighbourhood when seen in action.  It can be seen from space if you know where to look. 


Meanwhile Angel Patrick cast his spell on the one winged bird and lifted her spirits. The Old Codger lifted his 12 year old spirits before doing the dishes and applying for a Blue Badge for his one winged bird. 


Time will tell.

Savoir of Freedom

A Spitfire with two wings in charcoal by Bob.

Wednesday 10th July 2024.


The cost of any care for the elderly these days seems to be an arm and a leg.  What happens if you are already minus an arm and a leg?

Thursday 11th July 2024.

I expect you are wondering where Old Bob gets his energy, inspiration, talent, wit and longevity from.  He puts it down to standing at a drawing board for 50 bloody years, not a screen in sight and discussing problems with guys and gals with mini skirts on.  Today will be no exception!

He will also be taking his driving test for a Mo Lift Driver, including hill starts up the stairs.

mo lift.webp

Available from Medical Supplies at only

£577.94 including VAT.

(Or free from the NHS if you are legless.)

Friday 12th July 2024.

Elly from Home Instead came yesterday and explained how she could help with Old Bob's young lady's afflictions.  A very professional, comprehensive package ranging from an hour a week to live in care 24/7.  

Spent and knackered Old Bob is in a quandary, does he leave his young lady in the hands of unknown carers who might not care too much?  Does he drive off into the sunset?  Or does he stay at home instead?

Saturday 13th July 2024.

In order to solve the problem he took another trip down Memory Lane via The Cemetery to chat to his Great Grandfather and then to The Bear with Tim who insisted on taking a couple of photo's for posterity.   Thanks Tim, we might do the same again sometime, visit The Cemetery that is!  Blame the parotidectomy!

Bob in the cemetery.jpg
Bob in the bear.jpg

Sunday 14th July 2024.

Back in 1966 England won the World Cup.  Today England might win the European Cup.  Might.  On October 15th 1966 this Old Codger was about to embark on a long journey.  His parents did the same thing on 12th May 1934.

Reg and Mabel.jpg

Reg and Mabel, St Andrew's Oxshott.

No connection!

Monday 15th July 2024.


England won (sorry one) Spain two, well deserved.


This lucky Old Blogger never knows whether to blog about yesterday, today or tomorrow.  Yesterday he got very confused, he put it down to a UTI, called an ambulance which arrived in less than 10 minutes, which in turn set the curtains twitching and visions of some old codger never being seen again but fortunately a trip to A & E was not necessary.  Another dose of anti-biotic was advised and his young lady breathed another sigh of relief.  Confused?  It wasn't him it was his young lady with the UTI. 


Meanwhile he is very pleased with his Petunias in a Hanging Basket but even more pleased with his Petunias in a Wicker Basket.  Confusing?  But not to some.  Be lucky.

petunias 2.jpg

Tuesday 16th July 2024.


Dear Reader,


It's about time you were brought up to speed with Horizontal Gravity.  You perhaps remember that this is the force that nobody understands except Old Bob.  Well, yesterday Jim from Perpetuus Tidal thought it was interesting but he's a bit busy at the moment.  So, Old Bob decided he would send it to the new Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero Ed Milliband.  He's probably a bit busy as well but Old Bob learnt way back in 1970 when he was 'Star of the Week' selling Encyclopaedia Britannica door to door around Epsom that the more doors you knock on the more likely you are to be successful.  Persistence is the name of the game.  Right?

Meanwhile Jack from Elmbridge Borough Council wants to see a picture of a wheelchair being used in the house in order to complete the Council Tax Disabled Band Reduction application form.  I sent him one. 


You can see it on Page 46!


Love and hugs,



Wednesday 17th July 2024.

The very young, the very lovely, the very shapely and the very bronzed Emily from Home Instead sat on Old Bob's sofa and explained how the care package would work.  She was also very knowledgeable, very professional, very caring and very understanding.  She explained how she and her team of carers could support Old Bob's young lady and see to all her needs ranging from a couple of mornings a week to live in care.   Including preparing meals, hanging out the washng, doing the dishes (without a dish washer) and dusting the trinkets.

The Old Man was thinking what's not to like and immediately signed her up for a couple of mornings a week starting tomorrow.

No word from Ed Milliband yet despite mail is now delivered electronically (email) rather than on horseback.

Thursday 18th July 2024.

If you were a Minister in the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero you would have received an email from you know who yesterday telling them to get their fingers out and develop Horizontal Gravity.  You know who received an Automatic Reply from all of them saying we get hundreds of emails every day so be patient.  Persistence pays?

Meanwhile you know who discovered another artist with an interesting name.

Friday 19th July 2024.

Back in the early 60's you, of course, will remember that Young Bob used to play in a folk group called The Clancy Brothers in and around Clapham and Putney mostly.  The lead singer was Tony who yesterday sent Old Bob a picture.  Bloody amazing Tony, keep it going.  He even received an Honorary Fellowship from Leeds Trinity University.

Tony 1.jpg
Tony 2.jpeg

Meanwhile Old Bob was so inspired he called on all his old DIY skills and fitted a grab rail to assist his young lady up and down.  So, let him know if you want a grab rail fitted, he's very cheap!

Also yesterday Moogi from Mongolia arrived to wash and dress his young lady, she even did the dishes and other things so ten out of ten for Moogi.

Saturday 20th July 2024.

Sorry, Moogi should be Mugi pronounced Moogi. anyway she's lovely.  (A bit like you GJ!)


Waking up every morning with a disability must be bloody difficult to come to terms with and yet Bob's young lady is dealing with it.  Yesterday she returned for a Physio session at Epsom Hospital and managed to shuffle along the corridor and shuffle back which was progress.  Meanwhile Old Bob went for a walk in the woods to contemplate his navel.  He also re-read parts of this Novelistic Memoir which is inspiring, amazing (a bit boring in places) and his only reason for writing.

While contemplating his navel he decided that in order to cope with life (and Internet Outages) one should imagine that every moment is your last, which one day it will be.  Depressing?  Surely there is a cup of tea on the other side?

Apologies, this page is getting a bit long, it might end up being endless!

PS.  I hope you watched the First Night of the Proms last night from The Albert Hall.  Not to be missed.  I will never forget the first time I went to The Albert Hall.  And who payed for the tickets!

Sunday 21st July 2024.

Old Bob has decided to end it - this page that is.  So, if you wish to continue, hopefully you will find Page 48 of interest.


Bob's Blog Page 47

                   Page 46                     Page 48                        

You are reading Page 47 of Bob's Blog/diary/dream/story/journey/novelistic memoir.

He is 85 years old and counting.

He is also very much aware that this blog is of no significance whatsoever -

at the time of writing!





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