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Bob's Blog Page 46

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You are reading Page 46 of Bob's Blog/diary/dream/story/journey/novelistic memoir.

He is 85 years old and counting.

He is also very much aware that this blog is of no significance whatsoever -

at the time of writing!






Saturday 1st June 2024.

There's always hope.  Old Bob had a conducted tour round a care home for old and incapable codgers yesterday, just in case.  He was told that pets are allowed provided that you can get them in the lift.  That must include Badgers.  Result!

By now enthusiastic readers of this inspiring blogette must realise that the writer has fully recovered from his ailments, including his taste buds.  He visits his young lady in Epsom Hospital every day to check if she's eaten all her dinner and pudding.  She also is improving slowly but surely and will be home before you can say Jack Robinson.  You'll have to check Wikipedia to find out who Jack Robinson was. 

Sunday 2nd June 2024.

Old Bob is thinking of buying a bike!  Not any old bike.  A 1953 Hercules Kestrel no less!  He saved up his paper round money in 1953 which was two bob a week and half a crown if you did Sundays.  He delivered around Oxshott in all weathers with short trousers!  In 1955 he cycled to Eastbourne and back in a day, a round trip of 150 miles.  Just a cape, plimsoles and tomato sandwiches, no Lycra!

Hi Alex,


I bought a Hercules Kestrel brand new in 1953, loved it, it is now in the knackers yard - unfortunately.


I note with interest/amazement your Hercules Kestrel with an original saddle.


What's the best price for an eighty five year old codger?


Would you mind me using your attached pic' on my blog?


Best of luck,



Hercules Kestrel Club 531 (1953) 53cm - Dead Rats Cycles

Monday 3rd June 2024.

Another adventure with the wheelchair yesterday for the old couple around Epsom Hospital didn't disappoint.  They enjoyed the warm sunny spots watching the ducks and pigeons while the world rushed by.  The old man's online search for a cheap stair lift got nowhere so he's decided to make one, it will be powered by Horizontal Gravity, he is looking for test pilots!

stair lift.jpg

Tuesday 4th June 2024.


Welcome back old and young readers.  The old man sat in on the old lady's Physio and Occupational Therapy session yesterday.  He learnt how to switch the kettle on, exhausting.  Not funny.


Not heard from Alex yet, or anybody else for that matter, didn't win the lottery or a Premium Bond prize either but there's always hope.  Isn't there?

woolen bathers.jpg

He's hoping his woollen bathers won't fall down!

Wednesday 5th June 2024.

The outcome of 'The Goal' meeting was 'get the young lady home toute de suite' (that means yesterday) .  A full assessment of her needs at home was made by Sally.  She recommended hospital bed downstairs, commode on wheels, Sara Stedy, grab rails, threshold ramps, kitchen stool, tripod walking stick, 4 carer visits a day and maybe even a stair lift.  All arriving tomorrow.   The old man surveyed the local old persons community facilities which included a wet room capable of dealing with a football team, complete with hoist, changing mat for old people, lunches, flower arranging, knitting, weight lifting, yoga and chair dancing (whatever that means).


And maybe even a coach trip to Ibiza!   The bind moggles!

wet room.jpg

The chairs and tables are for the lunches!

Thursday 6th June 2024.

Eighty years ago today I was blissfully unaware of what was going on in Normandy but today 'we will remember them'.

Friday 7th June 2024.

Because there is nobody around to tell the old codger what to do, what to wear and what to eat he had cereal AND porridge for breakfast this morning instead of cereal OR porridge.  It's called freedom of choice.  Who knows what the old codger will get up to next?  Who cares?

You will be pleased to hear that The Royal Society did respond to the old codger's submission for a revolutionary source of Renewable Energy.  The Royal Society are the oldest and most prestigious body of scientists on the planet if you didn't know.  They didn't understand it either but replied 'We wish you success in your future work'.

His future work includes devising a method for standing, for extended periods, on one leg while putting your socks on.  Easy!



Saturday 8th June 2024.


A canvasser for a local candidate for the General Election knocked on old Bob's door yesterday, 'have you got a minute' he said, after half an hour on the doorstep he was really pleased to get away with a leaflet telling him all about 'The Oxshott Village Sign'.


Well he would wouldn't he?


Sunday 9th June 2024.

In case you had forgotten Sunday is a day of rest especially if it's sunny so instead of doing the washing old Bob washed his Petunias.


Monday 10th June 2024.


What happened to global warming?  No sign of it in my back garden.


'Hiding your light under a bushel' might well be a phrase that could be applied to old Bob's cooking abilities.  Left alone in the kitchen he always knew that he had the magic touch.  It will now be tested as his young lady, when she comes home from hospital today, will be unable to cook with one hand out of action, unless, of course, the Angels have different ideas.  'Hi, is that Pizza Express'? .

Tuesday 11th June 2024.

Two thing happened yesterday and two didn't.  Old Bob found renewed energy for his renewable energy project and he also had another Covid Jab.  He didn't have a reaction and his young lady didn't get her discharge papers so watch this space.

Wednesday 12th June 2024.

It's Happy Birthday to Dan today. 

50 years ago seems like yesterday.


- Bob -

Thursday 13th June 2024.

The homecoming was full of incident. The hospital transport provided was (even according to the crew) without adequate suspension so any vulnerable patient would be very uncomfortable at best or shaken to death at the worst.  The hospital team in charge were not at all happy at our special Angels suggestion that our vulnerable patient would be best transported home in her comfy limousine.  The hospital team cracked under pressure, agreed if their responsibility was removed and our vulnerable patient was whisked away in her wheelchair by her old but very capable codger.

The effect of the outside world on our vulnerable patient was palpable after 8 weeks in hospital.  The sight of children, dogs, irate drivers and red lights were consumed with glee.  Perhaps the most uplifting sight was her old codgers colourful array of  geraniums and petunias arranged with precision on the patio.


Despite her situation she lost no time in issuing orders for change.

Friday 14th June 2024.

Surrounded by disability aids and carers in and out morning, noon and night is a new experience for a couple of old swingers but there are many worse off - apparently.  At least it's summer time - apparently.  And things will get better - apparently.  And the Moon will continue to deliver Horizontal Gravity - apparently.  Whoops, that should read Horizontal Gravity - apparently!

Saturday 15th June 2024.

No time for blogging

Only time for caring

Doing one's best

But always found wanting

Bob's Blog Page 46

   Page 45   

You are reading Page 46 of Bob's Blog/diary/dream/story/journey/novelistic memoir.

He is 85 years old and counting.

He is also very much aware that this blog is of no significance whatsoever -

at the time of writing!





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