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You are reading Page 43 of Bob's Blog/diary/dream/story/journey/novelistic memoir.

He is 85 years old and counting.

He is also very much aware that this blog is of no significance whatsoever -

at the time of writing!

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Friday 2nd February 2024.

While we are waiting for the world to come to terms with an incredible new source of Renewable Energy I have drawn a few more birthday cards which you will find equally mind boggling.


From the Hollywood 'Walk of Fame'


Dear Deers in the snow.

Tuesday 6th February 2024.

There is an outfit called who generate electricity by dropping heavy weights down deep holes and drag them back up again by using cheap electricity at night.  Wouldn't it be better to use Horizontal Gravity and generate electricity all day and all night long?  They have even got government grants to develop the ridiculous idea. don't talk to 85 year olds.  And come to think of it neither do Government Departments.  Sour grapes?

Wednesday 7th February 2024.

Come to think of it there is another ridiculous monstrosity called the Orbital Marine O2 which has cost millions in development but they don't talk to 85 year olds either.  And come to think of it neither do all those companies and Universities with testing tanks.  Sour grapes?

And in case anybody is interested (apart from family and Cherry that is) I am recovering from my parotidectomy reasonably well but getting used to no feeling in my left cheek, a droopy mouth, can't say effs and a sticking out left ear no problem.

Thursday 8th February 2024.

Yesterday, Dan popped in to prune the Bramley apple tree, he did a great job.  The tree was planted by Dan's grandfather (my father Reg) in the early 70's and last year was a bumper year for Bramleys so thanks Dad.  Dad was born in 1910 and was 19 when his grandfather John died, I never thought to ask him if he knew anything about his grandfather, his marriage to Annie or anything else about our family history, bit of a shame really.

Friday 9th February 2024.

Today is Happy Birthday to Marcia, she gave me three children, six grandchildren and 20,819 dinners, I really must learn how to cook!

And don't forget you can see another page of stunning birthday cards HERE.


Mare and Foal in a surreal landscape

Monday 12th February 2024.

Thought for today.


'Horizontal Gravity' is a 'drag' based proposal which, perhaps, is not currently considered 'efficient' compared with 'lift' based turbines and other tidal energy devices but the 'raw power' that this proposal offers is surely something that can be tamed with inspired engineering design.

Wednesday 14th February 2024.

Thought for today.  Yesterday. 

Thursday 15th February 2024.

Thought for today.  I bet I've got more yesterday's than you but hopefully you've got more tomorrow's than me.

Sunday 18th February 2024.

Thought for today.

When the sun doesn't shine

And the wind doesn't blow

The tides will be running

To and fro


Ready about Louis, sorry, Lee Ho!

Saturday 24th February 2024.

Dear Reader,

Apologies for lack of blogging but hospital appointments are filling the diary.  Yesterday Dept. A (where I have been attending for some months) requested an emergency appointment for me to attend Dept. B.  Dept. B is across the corridor from Dept. A,  Also, Dept. B is next door to Dept. C where I have years of history.  On arrival at Dept. B they knew nothing of my history.  Also, Dept. A arranged for me to attend Dept. D but Dept. D didn't inform me of two appointments and accused me of failing to attend.   I am beginning to think that medical history and requests gets lost in the corridors.


Sorry to complain but I had to tell somebody.  Thanks for listening.



PS.  Next Monday Dept. E are measuring me up for something or other but I'm not sure what!

Monday 26th February 2024.

Ushered into The Mould Room, ear plugged, eye plugged, hot plastic plopped on head/face, pummelled until cooled and solidified, into the scanning room, mould clamped on with 6 over centre clamps, scanned with tracer, into the dentists, x-rayed and free parking!  What more could you ask?

Sunday 3rd March 2024.

The visit to Rye was uplifting.  It included a physio workout on Camber Sands and a stroll around the atmospheric cobbled streets of Rye Old Town.  The characters of centuries past glided silently in and out of the front doors which were only 4ft high but they didn't bang their heads.  An old ale house called The Standard Inn built in 1420 beckoned with a roaring log fire, a pie, a pint and a friendly word.


I spotted an old sea dog in the corner with a Breton cap supping his pint, I enquired as to the meaning of 'the friendly word', he looked up and smiled with his right eye (his left eye and his left ear had been damaged with a harpoon when fighting a Manta Ray one night when fishing beyond the horizon), 'aaahhheeeeooooarrrrhhh arhhh my friend' he said  'whatever e do don't eat the pie'.

thumbnail_IMG_2029 - Copy.jpg

Friday 8th March 2024.

For some unknown reason all Professor's and Doctor's of Renewable Energy at Edinburgh University have chosen to ignore my request to at least look at my Proposal, except one that is, and he couldn't understand it either.  Either there is a conspiracy to ignore eighty five year olds in the academic community or they are cheesed off because they didn't think of the idea first.  

Saturday 9th March 2024.

To be fair it's not only the academic community ignoring my emails it's all the 'Think Tanks' up and down the country and around the world as well.  They are busily scratching their heads trying to work out how to save the planet but ignoring the obvious.  Sorry children, I did try.


In the meantime I'm off to the cemetery to tend great grandmother Annie's grave, she's only been waiting since 1891 to be recognised!

Tuesday 19th March 2024.

Yesterday I was blindfolded, masked and bolted to a table and flew to the Moon and back in 12 minutes flat, it was the first of 20 visits.  They call it Radio Therapy.  Side effects could be loss of hair, loss of voice, loss of taste, loss of teeth, loss of sight, loss of hearing, loss of memory, loss of balance and loss of smell so no worries there then.

Wednesday 20th March 2024.

All the years I wore short trousers (which were many) I dreamt about being strapped in an extremely small rocket and blasting off into space, a touch of déjà vu?

Thursday 21st March 2024.

Spring Equinox.  Most of the years I spent in short trousers I was also a member of the choir at St Andrew's Oxshott, very Angelic in my cassock and surplus.  But not quite so angelic as Lorna.  Lorna Byrne talks to Angels, writes books about Angels and makes films about Angels.  She was born in Dublin and could well be related to our Annie Byrne which could mean that there might be a Business Angel about to appear.  #I believe in Angels#.

Wednesday 27th March 2024.


As I write the fluffy cumulus clouds are drifting majestically and silently from the south west painted on a pale blue background above Cobham.  There is a Red Kite drifting majestically and silently at 500ft silhouetted against the fluffy clouds.  The Red Kite is surveying the scene above Waitrose looking for a morsel.  Sorry to spoil the scene but on the 22nd April 1978 I was in exactly the same spot as the Kite at the controls of a Piper Cherokee drifting majestically and noisily looking for a morsel, but Waitrose wasn't there, it was Ashby's Garage with their circular workshop.  Just dreaming.


Woman in white waving.

Bedford CF camper van with button padded roof.


Friday 29th March 2024.

Continuing on with the dreaming my Angel appeared yesterday, she recognised me immediately, even though it is nearly 60 years since we last met.  If we had been alone I would have given her a hug but others were close by so we shook hands, looked into each others eyes and behaved responsibly.  I hope, dear reader, that you will understand I had to tell somebody and I would ask you to treat this in the strictest confidence, it wasn't a dream.

Bob's Blog Page 43

Page 42                               Page 44

You are reading Page 43 of Bob's Blog/diary/dream/story/journey/novelistic memoir.

He is 85 years old and counting.

He is also very much aware that this blog is of no significance whatsoever -

at the time of writing!

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