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Sunday 31st January 2016


I do have a picture of my favourite bird but to save any embarrassment (or jealousy!) this is a picture of my second favourite bird.  It is a common or garden crow which, to me, is the most elegant, graceful and has the most amazing aerobatic and flight capabilities. If anyone has a radio control crow – I want one. Please.  

Dingley Dell

Image of crow temporarily removed.


Might be copyright!


Friday 22nd January 2016


My NZ story went viral again yesterday with 47 hits.  Some NZ Haka did 13 million!  You can but hope.


Thursday 28th January 2016


Today I woke up with my favourite person, had a full English, my lottery ticket won the jackpot, rode my Harley Davidson in the sunshine down the A24 - without a crash helmet, flew a Spitfire up the Mall, had lunch with Tim Peake, spent a great afternoon in Yosemite Park, bought a lovely country cottage, enjoyed a cup of tea with another favourite person, offered a job in New Zealand, enjoyed a pint in the Plough and read somewhere that all our worries are over.


P.S. None of the above is true except that I did wake up (I think), I won't be taking the job in New Zealand and I hope your worries are over.


Friday 29th January 2016


It sounds like a bucket list but not much chance of realising any of it now – you can but hope (again).


It’s somebody’s special day today but he didn’t quite make it – I hope he managed to tick off his bucket list.  Goodbye Joe.


Saturday 30th January 2016


This weekend here in the UK it is the annual RSPB ‘Big Garden Birdwatch’.  You are requested to log the number of birds seen in your garden over one hour and submit your results.


In our house it always leads to an argument about which is the correct method.  Do you count the number of birds you see in your garden? Or do you count the number of birds you see in your garden?


All I would say is that I haven’t seen my favourite bird for a long time.

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Tuesday 2nd February 2016


Now I know this is of no International or National importance but about 8 years ago I designed and built a Wendy House for our twin granddaughters, they now have outgrown it so I have recently refurbished it and moved it into our 2 year old little Lottie’s back garden.  It is called Dingley Dell has a brass elephant door knocker (handed down from grandmothers Wendy House) has two floors with a stairway and it will soon have an extension with toilet, central heating, new kitchen and log burner. Full planning and building regulations approved.  Impressed?  


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