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Studies in charcoal, mostly.  Original size A3

Let me know if you know who, or who they are supposed to be.

There is a prize!

lottie in the sink

Lottie in the sink.

Charcoal, mostly.

Original size A3.

birling gap 2
Teds place

Ted's Place


Original size A3.  April 2020.

Pencil caress

A delicate touch

(or caress even) with the pencil on calligraphy paper.  Original size A4.

3rd May 2020.

747 first flight

Lunch time Sunday 9th February 1969, Paine Field near Everett, Washington State USA.  The prototype 747 lifts off for its maiden flight.  

I missed it, doing a bit of shopping down the road!

Charcoal.  Original size A3.  5th May 2020.


Luxury Travel

Armstrong Whitworth Argosy c1929

Possibly Croydon Airport.

Charcoal. Original size A3

22nd May 2020.


Barns in the Snow

- with thanks to GJ.

On high quality wall lining paper.

Charcoal. Original size 45cm x 66cm (quite big!)

3rd June 2020.

Mo Lisa

Charcoal. Original size 30cm x 38cm

15th June 2020.

Mo Lisa 2
Savoir of Freedom

The 'Saviour of Freedom'

Charcoal Original size A3

29th June 2020.

William and Tim

The Grenson Team

Original size A4 Pencil

1st July 2020.

William Tim

Now I want you to look at these closely as they are a rare example of a forgotten artform practiced by old Greengrocers.  In this case an expensive commission by no less then the celebrated Don Capel of Greenford, Oxshott and Bookham.  He has promised to produce tickets in £.s.d next time.  If the price is right!   19th July 2020.

Norfolk beach

Blakeney Norfolk

Original size A3 Charcoal

20th July 2020.

Social distancing-1

'Social Distancing'

Original size A3 Charcoal

29th July 2020.

Don 2

As you know I am not in the habit of using rude words on this blog but you'll forgive me for saying that I think that these are ******* brilliant.  Don has once again managed to 'create' in his own inimitable style.  Thanks Don.

9th August 2020.

McAlpine Mausoleum

If you wish to view this 'in the flesh' please visit The McAlpine Mausoleum tucked away at the back of Cobham Cemetary in Tilt Road, you will know it is for the McAlpine family by the design of the gate which incorporates the letters McA.


I assume that the Mausoleum was designed by Sir Robert McAlpine (Concrete Bob), he died in 1934.


My parents used to work for him at Knott Park House in Oxshott in the early 1930's and it has been suggested that they named their son after him - we'll never know.


If you happen to know anything about the Stunning Bronze statue of the young lady, I and others would be interested.


Pencil and Charcoal.  Original size 36cm x 28cm.


5th September 2020.

My first proper motor was a 1931 Morris Minor bought from a work colleague for £25 in 1957.  She had cable brakes that worked occasionally sometimes requiring a dive into the hedge to stop, sloppy steering, doors that popped open when going round corners, crank handle starter if needed, (which was most of the time)  a triangular arrangement for the clutch, brake and accelerator so that you could heel and toe the accelerator and brake and and at the same time double de-clutching and going down through the gears, the 'universal joints' were made from fibre discs held in place by 3 bolts two of which were missing, cart springs and dampers that didn't work resulting in a great deal of wallowing but apart from that she was lovely.


Charcoal. A4. 9th September 2020.

1931 Morris Minor
QE2 bridge
Stone Bridge
Aylings Corner
ice cream
Good friends
BOAC 747
A Runnable Stag

My Favourite Bird - Except One!

It's a Crow.  Charcoal. Original size A3.

December 31st 2020

The Runnable Stag

25.10.2020 Charcoal, Original size A4.

Past, Present, Future


A4 Pen and Charcoal.

February 21st 2021

logo original

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Birling Gap

 in pencil and charcoal.  A3.  If you check on PAGE 22 and scroll down to November 6th you will see the inspiration for this picture.  April 2020.

The QE2 Bridge at the Dart Crossing.  Referred to on PAGE 4 of this blog.  Charcoal A4. 13th September 2020.

The 'Stone Bridge' Oxshott

referred to in The Oxshott Village Sign Story.

Charcoal A4. 13th September 2020.

I'd like to say this is us doing our morning exercises but I'm dreaming again.

They feature in a short blog on PAGE 10.

Pencil A4 23rd Sept 2020

Ice Cream Cart and Tea Hut referred to in

The Oxshott Village Sign Story.

Charcoal A4. 21st September 2020.

Good Friends?

Pencil A4 26th Sept 2020

The story of this BOAC 747 features on PAGE 20 of this blog.

Too much Charcoal sorry about the finger prints. A4 4th Oct 2020

Past, Present and Future.

Charcoal A3. 22.11.2020.

There is a story attached to this one if you click HERE

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