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Sunday 25th September 2022

(Weather - Septemberish.)

You will be pleased to know that I have decided to give up blogging (again) unless I have something of real interest, real significance or something earth shattering to report.  Well, today something earth shattering happened – I won a prize for best vegetable, best flower and best old kitchen utensil at the virtual Cobham Garden Club show.  And talking of earth shattering, today I entered my revolutionary idea for harnessing Tidal Stream Energy for ‘The Earthshot Prize’. I sent it second class post to Prince William at Kensington Palace who is championing the idea.  I’ll let you know if I hear anything but don’t hold your breath.


Tuesday 27th September 2022


(Weather – not very noisy.)


I’d just like to put one thing straight and that is the painting that Evri told me was ‘damaged beyond repair’ (mentioned on page 31) was not damaged at all, the buyer reported that it is fine and she loves it.  Evri apologised and as a ‘good will gesture’ refunded me £10 but they have obviously got their knickers in a twist and damaged somebody else’s parcel ‘beyond repair’.  But don’t tell them I told you, they might want their £10 back.  I hope it wasn’t your parcel.

Thursday 29th September 2022

(Weather - Calm but not on the roads.)

Something of interest?


#Sugar in the mornin'

#Sugar in the evenin'

#Sugar at supper time

#Won't you be my little sugar

#And love me all the time

The McGuire Sisters had a hit with 'Sugartime' in 1958, no doubt you will remember?

You can hear it HERE.

Today I sold a sugar bowl and tongs on Ebay for £3.20.

The buyer wished me 'a nice and a controversial evening'.


Sunday 2nd October 2022

Weather - #Sunny in the mornin'

  #Sunny in the evenin'

#Sunny at suppertime

#Won't you be my little honey

#And love me all the time?


And if you have nothing better to do than to read this rubbish you can check out my eBay shop HERE.

It changes frequently so add it to your favourites.

Monday 3rd October 2022

(Weather - You may need a bomb shelter)

And we think that we've got problems.


Tuesday 23rd May 1944


Tuesday 4th October 2022

(Weather - Moderate or rough, occasionally very rough at first in west.)

And if you are wondering what yesterday's blog was all about? I was searching through some dusty old files and came across a post card written by my father just after we had been bombed.  My mother had taken me to her parents in Darlington and my father stayed in Oxshott with his parents and set about finding alternative accommodation for us.  So, he sent me a postcard.  Touching?

Wednesday 5th October 2022

(Weather - sad.)

Today's blog is all about remembering Chic.  I met Chic in September 1968 at the Boeing Training Centre in Seattle; we had joined the company at the same time.  I was a touch lonely being without my family but Chic being the friendly, engaging, humorous, caring person that he was immediately picked up on my situation and invited me over to meet his family.  His roots were in Ireland and so are mine so perhaps that had something to do with the success of a friendship between us and our families which flourished and which will last forever. 


Sadly, Chic died last week following a long struggle.  RIP Chic and thanks and cheers to you and love and deepest  condolences to all your lovely family.  Bob.


Sunday 10th October 2022

(Weather - Good, occasionally moderate at first.)

Dear Reader,


If you had developed an idea for a simple, but seemingly untried, method of extracting energy from the tidal stream, which would eclipse all current methods of generating electricity from wind or tide and has been described as ‘intrinsically sound’ by a Professor of Physics at Kingston University and ‘an interesting concept’ from a Doctor/Lecturer in Environmental Fluid Mechanics at Edinburgh University, what would you do?

Wednesday 12th October 2022

(Weather - Light rain showers and a gentle breeze.)

Thanks, sounds like good advice but before I do that, I'd just like to mention that my good deed for today was to help an old (but younger than me) couple who were stranded on the roadside and flagged me down on their way to catch a ferry to France. 'Have you got any jump leads?', 'no prob's mate', bish, bosh, bash and on their way, never to be seen again.  Now, what was that about the Gobi Desert?

Monday 17th October 2022


(Weather - Sunny during the day and Moony during the night.) 


And talking of Moonpower and before I bury my head in the sand I'd just like to report that following a worldwide email campaign to get reaction to my Revolutionary Idea for generating electricity from the tidal stream, unsurprisingly, I have had zero response, not even a polite acknowledgement.


So, I conclude that nobody understands it, or everybody understands it and are getting on with it without telling me.


I would add that I haven't applied for any patents as they cost time and money, neither of which I have.


However, more importantly no one has given me any reason to doubt the concept or explain why it won't work so I conclude that it will work. 


And if you think that the tidal stream only flows in and out 4 times a day, you would be correct, but that is in one location.  My proposal is to hook up these drifting tidal power generators across the globe giving all of us continuous, cheap, uninterrupted renewable energy forever - provided the moon continues to do what it's doing.  QED.

Tuesday 18th October 2022

(Weather - Getting brighter.)

Instead or 'zero response' above please read 'interesting response' from a UK Government department, watch this space.

Moon Gazing

Moon gazing

Crow Silhouette by Moonlight

My favourite bird - except one!

Thursday 20th October 2022

(Weather - Low Fitzroy expected Sole by midnight tonight.)

More interesting, critical, offensive, hurtful but pointless response from engineering management but that is only to be expected in the UK, it doesn't happen in the US or elsewhere. 

Sunday 23rd October 2022

(Weather - Moderate or good, occasionally poor.)

Nothing to blog about today except that I had another 'Eureka' moment last night which may change the world but probably won't.

Monday 24th October 2022

(Weather - Increasingly affected by climate change unless you click HERE.)

Tropical Storm

Wednesday 26th October 2022

(Weather - Depends where you are.)

8-year-old Lottie turned up yesterday with a design for a new invention, she instructed Grandad on what to do and how to make it in the shed.  But it's on the secret list!

Thursday 3rd November 2022

(Weather - Southwesterly gale force 8 continuing, with plenty of rain.)

Interest in my proposal for Tidal Stream Energy gathering pace but not fast enough.

And don't forget to Walk to Work.

Friday 4th November 2022

(Weather - Clouds on the treetops at Peaslake.)


Tuesday 8th November 2022

(Weather - Mild and bitter.)

My many attempts to save the world

Have failed again and again

But my latest invention is bound to catch on

So it's time for a glass of champagne


Friday 11th November 2022

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