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00.01  Saturday 1st January 2022

Wishing you A Happy New Year.

Wishing you inspiration.  Wishing you time for reflection.  And peace.  And health.

And happiness.  And wealth.  And luck.  And music.  And time to enjoy.  And love.

And undisturbed nights. 




The silence of snow?

(Taken from No 27 Blundel Lane, Oxshott  c1953.

Brickfield chimney in the background.)

18.40 Sunday 2nd January 2022

From a few flakes of crystals

That vanish without trace

In the blink of an eye

It is up to your waist.


From buzzing activity

And colourful views,

A blanket of white

Will make headline news.


To some it is chaos,

Confusion and cold,

But to others it’s magic,

A joy to behold.


From all around sounds,

Loud bangs, screams and shouts,

The silence of snow,

Descends - all about.


- Bob -

Monday 10th January 2022


I'd love to carry on blogging

And I don't want to say goodbye

But energy is sadly lacking

So, click HERE and we'll 'Reach for the Sky'!

Tuesday 11th January 2022

Or click HERE for a treat if you dare

Which could be a glass of champagne

Or it might be a ticket for two on a yacht,

Or it might be a ride in my plane!

Thursday 13th January 2022

But if your bag is not hiking or flying

Then click HERE for a ride on my yacht

But first you must learn and preferably yearn

To be able to do a few knots!

Friday 14th January 2022

Now this is getting a bit silly

So, this is the end of the line

But before I let go, you might need to know

Who designed the ******* Great Sign?

ovs spring 2022.jpg

Monday 4th July 2022

Just to prove that I'm still alive and kicking I grew this sunflower from seed which this bee was very pleased about.

In this turbulent world of violence,

Disrespect, noise, worry, sadness, madness and tragedy

Amid nature

Which, also, can bring all of those things

There is inspiration, feeling, determination and talent

To bridge the gap, to capture the beauty, wonder, music and silence

To give us hope and a reason to get up in the morning

Blossom (It's a verb)

Sunday 10th July 2022

(Weather - Warm to hot front soon, cold back later)

Fast approaching eighty four

Not a clue re-Twitter

Instead of staring at my screen

I'll upload thoughts of mild and bitter

Monday 11th July 2022

(Weather - #A heatwave, a tropical heatwave.
The temperature's rising, it isn't surprising,
She certainly can can-can#)


Meet Tony the 86-year-old athlete! - CBBC Newsround

Tony was our lead singer in the early 60's.

John on Guitar, Dave on 5 string Banjo and yours truly on Guitar.

The Foley Brothers?

Tuesday 12th July 2022

(Weather - Wind farms will be unable to produce enough wind,

tidal streams unaffected.)

My attempts to change the world

Are only common sense

They tell me I'll be famous

The day that I'm past tense

Wednesday 13th July 2022

(Weather - Hot now, warmer lager - sorry later.)

The way to save the world

Is not more insulation

Forget about the wheels

Think dematerialisation

Thursday 14th July 2022

(Weather - Summary for some of Surrey today is summery.)

If you are looking for a great holiday read click (or touch) the book.

Easily fits into your back pocket or handbag.

Friday 15th July 2022

(Weather - Today in Cobham Cemetery it is windless. rainless. airless and lifeless but already the blackberries are looking cool and juicy so what does that tell you?)

Saturday 16th July 2022

Weather - Back in 1990 on a fly drive holiday around California, with Dan my 16 year old son, we were driving north through Death Valley on the way from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe, a distance of 600 miles which was the longest drive I've ever done in a day.  Anyway,  we stopped in a place called Stove Pipe Wells for some gas and the guy on the radio said 'It's as hot as a snakes airse in a wagon rut'.  The next few days in Cobham Cemetery will be hotter than a snakes airse in a wagon rut.  Incidentally, you needed gloves to fill up at Stove Pipe Wells because the gas handle was hotter than a snakes airse in a wagon rut!

Sunday 17th July 2022

(Weather - Perfect for digging up first-early potatoes.)

These are Pentland Javelin planted at Easter which will be exhibited at the virtual Cobham Garden Club Competition - results to follow.

Not bad eh?

Monday 18th July 2022

This is Simon the sensible squirrel

Who likes to eat in the shade

Today in the sun it will be 41

Not F but C Centigrade!

Tuesday 19th July 2022

(Weather - Depends where you are but if you are in Cobham Cemetery it is pretty hot above ground.)

The gardener taking a selfie with his tallest sunflower

He used to be 5 feet 11 inches when last measured in 1964

He is for sale (sorry scale) purposes only.

Wednesday 20th July 2022

(Weather - Almost normal for the time of the year.)

Isn't it great to find a website without any advertising?

Do not click HERE

stars and stripes.jpg
moonpower 7.jpg


stove pipe wells.jpg

Thursday 21st July 2022

(Weather - Warm and humid but OK for blackberry picking.)

Another visit to Cobham Cemetery produced a kilo of blackberries which is a touch early for blackberries, don't you think?

Friday 22nd July 2022

#It was just one of those days#

Saturday 23rd July 2022

#Just one of those crazy days#

Sunday 24th July 2022

#One of those days that ends in a haze#

Monday 25th July 2022

#Just one of those days#

Tuesday 26th July 2022

(Weather - Dry becoming drier later.)

What do you do when you discover a previously unknown scientific phenomenon when using a couple of elastic bands dropped by the postman sorry post person?

Wednesday 27th July 2022


(Weather - dry as a snakes xxxx xx x wagon xxx)


Sad story. Yesterday, Mr Blackbird, who spent many a happy hour bouncing around the garden, was found motionless and gasping in the flower bed - he died.  He is now buried alongside Pippa and Posie the guinea pigs who passed away in 1977. RIP.

Thursday 28th July 2022

#It was just one of those nights#

Friday 29th July 2022

#Just one of those fabulous kites#

Saturday 30th July 2022

#A trip to the moon on very long strings#

Sunday 31st July 2022

#Just one of those things#

Monday 1st August 2022

(Weather - Still, dry, warm and sunny.)

Over the years I’ve tried very hard

To sell my crazy ideas

But I’ve come to conclude that to gain altitude

I should order a couple more beers

Saturday 6th August 2022

(Weather - No change.)

Lots happening but not in my back yard


Sunday 7th August 2022

Weather -

#Blue skies, smilin' at me#

#Nothin' but blue skies

#Do I see#

#Da de da de da da#

#Da de da da#

Wednesday 10th August 2022

Weather - 

#Never saw the sun shinin' so bright
#Never say things goin' so right
#Noticin' the days hurryin' by
#When you're in love, my, my how they fly!
#Blue days, all of them gone
#Nothin' but blue skies from now on!

Half full or half empty?

Thursday 11th August 2022

I've said this before but I'll say it again.

The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle.

Or they were in 1968/9 when cruising along Highway 99 in my old 1964 Ford Galaxie - remember?

Click HERE if you don't.

Or click HERE if you do.

Friday 12th August 2022

Tip to save water.  Take a bath in your rainwater barrel.

Saturday 13th August 2022

(Weather - Steamy.)

In order to pay the bills today I Googled 'Jobs for 83 year olds' but all I got was jobs for 13 year olds or 'Join the Army'!

Sunday 14th August 2022

(Weather - Hotter etc.)

Today, or was it yesterday? I drew another card which I call 'Walking the Dog' but you can't see the walker or the dog.  I would like to thank Mrs G for the inspiration.

Thanks for scrolling down to here

Page 31 is very near - HERE

Bob in Deal.jpg

An old Codger spotted recently at The Ship Inn in Deal Old Town.  


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